Monday, August 15, 2011

Sketches On A Plane

Between the sun, beach, and rule-enforcing-girlfriend, I didn't get much (any) blogging done while on vacation.
I did however use my free time to crack the bind on a new sketchbook.

Here are some rough sketches I scribbled out, between turbulence, on the plane ride to and from MA. Turns out laying down good elipses during a thunderstorm is next to impossible, so I just aimed for composition and proportional studies.


  1. Well played sir, that front view is on point. If you can get that kind of depth out of the side views too you'll really have something. The composition for the side views where you cut it off halfway through the wheels is awesome. Very unique.

  2. Yea, that's my favorite out of the bunch as well. I spent the most time on it though.

    In the side views I was messing around with the proportions of all the elements more then I was trying to make a cool looking sketch. That's why I didn't spend any time on them.

    I've been doing some studies like these lately, trying to better understand the relationships between different elements on vintage motorcycle builds. There's a definite formula in picking and arranging certain pieces in a build that can completely make or break a custom bike. I guess that's what makes or breaks all design, but this realm of it has been intriguing me lately.

    Maybe I'll write a book on all my findings, and use Kickstarter to raise 20x what I need to publish it.

  3. The front view is gnarly!!!!