Thursday, September 29, 2011

These guys are good!!! The video production quality is dope! And the Audi, goodness gracious! I wanttttt

Apocalypse Now! (Challenge)

I've been preparing for the apocalypse, it's just over a year away!!!! In the past two nights I've cooked 2 1/2 gallons of turkey chili and 2 gallons of chicken noodle soup. I'm going to learn how to can them in Ball Mason jars so I can store them in the bunker Tim doesn't know he's building in his backyard yet. Two weekends ago I spent my Sunday at a gun range learning how to shoot zombies!! Here is the list of weaponry if any of you are into that sorta thing: a KelTec Sub 2000 (fits in a laptop bag, yikes), a M1 Garand (the rifle my grandfather would have had in WW2), a Highpoint Carbine, and another squirrel shootin' .22 rifle.Handguns and shotguns will come in the next few weeks. I hope to be ready to take out all the zombies when the day of reckoning is upon us!

With that said, I figured I'd throw a little challenge out to y'all. An "Apocalyptical" challenge of epic proportions. In the next week, I'd like all y'all to do even just one apocalypse sketch and maybe gather some cool images of "apocalypse ready" vehicles like the one above. Maybe a motorcycle you've been thinking about, or a sketch of the bunker Tim doesn't know he's building yet, or a recipe for apocalypse food. I don't care what it is, just come up with something cool. Post it on here or email me a scan of it and I'll post it. DUE DATE: By Thursday Oct 6 at midnight! I'll post them up on Friday. Happy Zombie Hunting!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Camera!

This weekend I bought a (likely stolen) Nikon D40 off Craigslist ....for $220. I talked him down from his listed $260 price.

It didn't come with a charger, or case, but otherwise a complete fully functioning camera. (see, Sketchy)

So, I took pictures of Kara's new bike.

We had trouble getting it to idle the other day, so I'm going to have to take a look at it. Considering the previous owner had no idea how to even check the oil level... I could be in for a problem. We'll see.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Have Succeeded...

It took a lot of word trickery and implied rationalization, but I finally convinced Kara that she wants a motorcycle. Minutes after i got the 100% decision from her, I jumped on Craigslist, looking for light weight, low cc bikes. I should mention, I also convinced her to let me build it for her over the winter months - where I would supply my handy work while she covered costs. Awesome, I know. About 4.5 hours after the official OK, we were 30 miles north of Chicago, signing over the title to her new 1981 Yamaha SR250.

It's a 297 lb 20hp single cylinder.
Top speed is about 75/80mph.

It runs great. Everything is super clean and well taken care of. It needs nothing from what I can tell so far. The guy only wanted $650 so we jumped all over it. The next step is brainstorming the build. We've got some ideas floating around that I'll be sketching up. I'll post up progress when I've got some.

Here is where I will be drawing much of my inspiration...


Thorstan Durbahn
bike builder, inventor, engineer, all around cool guy

I found this guy again after forgetting all about him a few years ago.  I just found the entire article scanned in online that I have at home stashed away somewhere.  This guy makes the most functional motorcycles on the planet.  He'll do whatever it takes to lose a gram here, a gram there, redesign the entire intake system and then build it out of carbon fiber to save weight.  He's amazing and it's a great read, it's a huge inspiration what this guy tackles in his small shop and the way he treats these amazing bikes borders on hilarious.  Many of the process pics have a 30K bike covered in foam dust and notes he writes directly on the bike's frame; also usually a bunch of burger wrappers because he eats off of them while he works.

He designed this side mount fuel tank to keep weight low on the bike

He also fabricated that under mount exhaust himself.  Out of titanium.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


The Honda Z.
I want it.

The Motorcycle That Isn't.

Some of you may have seen this, for those who haven't its a motorcycle for super-cool hipsters that love irony. "My bike is cool because it's a motorcycle that lacks all things cool about a motorcycle." I'd name it "Death Sentence."

Designer's Website:

And here's a traditionally cool bike to unscramble your brain.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SENNA | A must see

Went to see this today and I'm so very glad I did. Rivals the Truth In 24 | Audi Documentary. Please go see this fellas! All shot on film I believe!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hello gay boys.
Next weekend, Sept 9-11, Kara and I will be coming to Detroit for Dally in the Alley / Thunderdrome / Ton-Up Ypsi / Our 1 year anniv.

I got the bike back from paint, so naturally we'll be renting a cargo van with her (the bike) in the back.


You have 9 days to purchase a running motorcycle, or rebuild one from, the glittery orange, frame up.