Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Industrial Art

The work of Felix Godard has struck me as worth noting.  Although I've been seeing a lot of advanced ID concept work facilitated by CAD, very little of it comes close to being as sculptural or dynamic as the work of this Frenchman. A trend that's annoyed me recently is cluster-design; sort of mashing things together that look technological to fill in the space between sculpted panels.  It's certainly interesting to look at, but it never comes off as cutting edge to me.  Maybe I'm just upset that I'm not very good at that style!  

In contrast, Felix's work exudes the appearance of a thoroughly resolved, polished, ready-to-go sculpture, with a touch of fantasy he must've picked up during his time in Japan.  Also worth noting is his recent improvement; a search reveals mediocre sketches and struggles with proportion.  All that seems to be gone, creating a fresh spectacle for your brain to wrap around.  Enjoy!