Monday, August 29, 2011

Architecture Inspiration

It's a rare occurrence to walk into someone's home and actually be inspired by the details. We've all been in big homes with fancy appliances and electronics but I rarely walk into a home and say, "Wow, you really put thought into that and it looks awesome!" Save for the charcoal gray floors in Ian's house (still think those are super dope)While attending a late summer BBQ on Watkins Lake in Waterford, MI, we (Tim O, David Nickless, myself) were leaving for the night when David noticed the crazy detail of the staircase in my buddy Ian P's neighbors house. Each column that supported the handrail looked like a square extrusion of steel tubing 4"x4" that was melting at the bottom. The steel had a rusty patina. It was amazing! And to cap off the columns, the homeowner commissioned a local glass shop to put 2x4x4" caps on each column. The caps were made of clear glass with a frosted bottom that had a small LED below and illuminated the caps. It turns out that Mat Cat from CCS poured the glass castings! Small world. Of course, being the stunning photographer I am, my camera was 20 miles away sitting on my apt floor. Here is a sketch! I'll try to get photos next time I go out there.

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  1. Reminds me vaguely of Steve McShane's work. For those not in the know, he does the puffy/melty steel sculptures- basically inflating white hot steel boxes to look more like plastic bags in the wind. Pretty sure he's at Detroit Bro's Cycle shop now.