Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Friday

I'm sure most people have heard of them but Rauh Welt Begriff might be the coolest auto tuning company on planet.  They're definitely in the top three.  I went through a bunch of Speedhunters posts to grab these gems.  Enjoy.


  1. AHHH IT'S ALL SO AWESOME!! I fucking love returning they do. I just bought some rivet on fenders, coilovers, and 9.5" wide wheels for the e28 recently. Rauh Welt BMW!

  2. I love Rauh Welt. I've heard various people saying they're awful because it's just visual upgrades but if you could pair that with an awesome setup, I'll buy!!! My favorite is the purple lens carbon colored one. That's the same purple as the lethal drink known by many as "The Grateful Dead" yummy yummy yummy!