Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rubber side down

Speed Four ready to roll

Hey dudes, this isn't really inspirational but I had a little too much fun over the weekend and thought I would share.  I did my second track day and had a blast with mixed results.  I was able to knock 8 seconds off my previous best for the track.  I also discovered just how hard I could push the bike before it decided to wash out on me at turn 5.  My first lowside was over before I realized what happened and all I was thinking as I rolled after my bike was "Seriously?"  I rolled into a kneeling position and then I stood up and took stock of my extremities and then finding nothing broken walked off the track to the bike and the safety worker standing next to it.

 I'm fine.  I need new gloves and I need to replace some cosmetic stuff on the bike but altogether it wasn't really that bad.  I rode the bike off the track and drove home relatively unscathed with an important lesson in my back pocket and a good time for my second venture on the Fontana Speedway.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mein Street

A shot I took of the street outside my hotel.

It is most gorgeous here with the prime country side. (german accent.)
I started a(nother) blog for photo uploads and such: Eur-Uploads
...I also still have Das Vault.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Better late then never!

So this will be my first post to the blog.  It is a bit late but I promised Jo at the "Fryday Party" he had that I would having something to post up.  So here she is.  The other last man standing.  This puppy includes a rooftop garden hidden from pedestrians by large 12 foot tall sheets of steel.  Tanks out back hold fuel and water for long trips.  There is a ton a room to live comfortably within the vehicle so outside safety is less of a concern.  Tim, do you mind if I start using your tools and parts of your house to begin constructing this in your backyard?  I'll buy you Tacobell!  

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Markus Haub: Camilo Pardo of Deutschland

The ability to create paintings of this caliber is reason enough to buy a projector. Seuper Kewl stuph. The cursive is remarkable; I'm not sure if he masks it off or paints it on afterward.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Work Space Envy

While we're on the topic of awesome work spaces, check out this one.

Craig Metros, of CCS:

A friend of his, who also works at Ford AU, and built the Much Much Go biek that won the Deus contest. Same work space.:

Potential, eh!

I spent my Friday evening playing ice hockey in Ontario, Canada and it was just plain awesome. When I told them I learned how to hockey stop by watching Youtube videos, you would have thought Dane Cook walked into a room full of college freshman who had never heard a crude joke before. They couldn't get enough of my "unfortunate" American upbringing and they gave me some tips, lent me a decent stick that weighed half the weight of my stick, and even gave me a Labatt's to slam down before I stepped on the ice. It was probably the best 60 minutes of hockey I've ever played, eh!

Saturday, as I left to go back to the motherland, I stopped to get poutine, a Canadian delicacy of fries slathered in gravy and melting cheese curds. It was effing scrumpsculescent I would later find out, but they were closed until 2. With an hour and a half to burn, I stopped in a pretty amazing sneaker shop that was way bigger than the two decent shops in Royal Oak/Birmingham and then I drove around Riverside Ave. in Windsor. Obviously, it's beSIDE the RIVER and is comparable to Lakeshore Dr in St.Clair Shores. I went south for about 20 minutes and found this bad ass old Garage. I said to myself, "that place is awesome, the doors would make awesome backdrops for portraits, I should probably take a picture," and so unlike most of the times when I make an excuse and keep driving. I stopped and captured this little snapshot. The more I look at it the more I want this building!!!! It would make such an awesome little custom motorcycle shop, art gallery, comfort food restaurant, brewery, or just a B.A. photo studio. Or all of the above!!! I thought you guys might get a kick out of it and maybe dream up your own use for it. I'm glad I went back and took the shot.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For Dave!

Not apocalypse related but kick ass none the less!!!


Because when you run out of ammo you'll need to run some mother****ers over.

Z.A.V. - Zombie Assault Vehicle

While many of you spend your days working or procrastinating from work, I try my hardest to look like I'm working on stuff. Sadly, I have no assignments, no motivation/incentive to ask for any, and not a single ounce of interest in my body towards this place of business. So here is what I accomplished this afternoon at "work". I need a new job, fast!!! I'm becoming the zombie I'm trying to save us from!!! AWD Astro Van = Ultimate Zombie Slayin' Machine!!!

Inspiration | Apocalypse

Friday is almost upon us! If anybody is struggling to get inspired for sketches and such, check this beast out (I think it's one of Tim's old images). We should build one of these!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I decided to disregard practicality (as I do) and go the "Stolen Mining Equipment" route for my apocalyptic sketch. Gigantic dump truck converted to independent thievery/pillaging operation?
I think so, Yes.
This puppy's got six ATVs and dirt bikes ready to be launched from above the main fuel tanks. Its got a fully covered and armored obvservation/attack deck on top of the bucket shield. A 50 ton crane welded to the bucket snatches up anything it can wrangle its hooks around, and relocates equipment within APOCALYPTRUCK's bucket. A 10 ton chain hoist has also been mounted to the extended front deck for smaller items such as consumables. Bunks and mess have been built into the front of the bucket and are accessible from the driver control room door through a hole cut in the bucket wall. A multitude of halogen and other found HID lighting illuminates the rig's surrounding area (pictured) when stealth is not desirable. Tire chains remain installed from APOCALYPTRUCK's mining days, although the front access ladders have been removed in favor of side "drawbridge" style lift-able ladders. APOCALYPTRUCK and it's crew roam the globe collecting items of interest and foxy ladies (which while interesting, are not items: I know...). The crew recently acquired a small nuclear reactor and will be attempting its integration with the vehicle.

Fun Stuff, Pat, Thanks!

P.S. art stuff: RSVP fine point black on 8.5 x11 printer paper. Colored in PS.