Friday, August 19, 2011


I bought the only thing I could afford from them - a $35 key chain.

I've got the moto key on the permanent side, so I can detach it from my other keys when it's in the headstock.
Pretty awesome presentation and craftsmanship in this stuff. I really want a wallet and backpack from them also. ...but that's like $300+


  1. Jeez, nice pics Dave. What are you taking these with? Also, this is what I use to keep my triple clamp from getting all scratched up.

    It's super functional but not the most stylish, I think if it was done in leather it would be awesome.

  2. I just use the D40 we have at work. I haven't thrown down to get a real camera yet. $7-800 is a new set of wheels for the BMW :)

    I think I've seen that lanyard on Hell for Leather. The way my ignition is placed, I don't have to worry about it though.