Saturday, April 7, 2012

Continental Mark XI

 Regulations Be Damned!
  I just wrapped up another SLS AMG photo-mod (same vehicle the Mustang Mach x1 rendering is based on).  I swear that car has the perfect proportions.  I started this paint-over many months ago, and now that Lincoln is starting to change their design language I figured I should wrap it up before it's completely obsolete.  The photo this is based on was amazing, if not surreal- so maybe not the best image to base a photo-mod on, but oh well; I'm a sucker for shiny. The name of course resurrects the famed Continental line.  In respect of the Mark Concepts that have been around since the expiration of the Mark VIII, this is named the Mark XI. Enjoy!


  1. Jo! That's sick! That's an awesome rendering. The design is really strong, the only thing I can see that I might adjust is the hood bulge where it meets the windshield. It just seems a little "air brushy" right there. I think the reflections could just be a little sharper, even over a soft transition. Nice work

  2. Thank you Ian, I agree about the bulge. It was a relic from the first paint-over that I never finessed to the same level of the rest of the car. I tweaked that a little and re-posted, and also muddled with the brake ducts.

  3. Danggggggg. Print this over at graphics factory! I recently had a 24X36 mounted print done for 35 bucks.