Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Home of Allan Hill - Packard Plant

A short documentary on Allan Hill and the place he calls home - the abandon Packard Plant in Detroit.

"It's a lot like having a 2 acre farm with a roof over it."


  1. I feel like this is what most creative hobby-cobblers want but beneath that "I live in a factory" surface, there is the glaring issue perpetual isolation and no foreseeable way of completing any significant goal or project. Pretty sad, actually. (not pathetic: authentically depressing)

    1. I'd say this is quite an extreme. I think most of us have running water in our vision of the ideal garage living space. I feel as though running water my be the line drawn between sociability and not.

      But hey, he's got the internet. You can't smell through Facebook.


      Agreed his situation is depressing. He hints at often questioning the path his life has taken and seems to continue that path because he doesn't feel he fits anywhere else. I kept reading hints of sadness between his smiles.