Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jet Moto Redesign

Hey doodz,
I know I sent you guys an email for my last blog but this ones for real!  I'm trying to make this one a little more professional.  So far it's just this little Jet Moto Redesign project I've been working on but I'd really appreciate your guy's input on the stuff I have on there.  Here's one I just finished.

Blog here<


  1. Your link is to e-mail.

    Also, my dad has worked for Raytheon for like 30 years now, so I can probably get you all the missiles you want.

    Its a bit confusing as to wear the rider sits and holds on.

  2. The rideris actually inside this vehicle, there is an open view on my blog that shows how it works.

    Sorry about the link,

  3. Dammit.

  4. ^ What Dave said. If making it look like a bike with no rider even though the craft is about the size of a small aircraft was intentional, Kudos to you sir. The placement, selection and believable integration of the sponsor decals a treat to view.