Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rubber side down

Speed Four ready to roll

Hey dudes, this isn't really inspirational but I had a little too much fun over the weekend and thought I would share.  I did my second track day and had a blast with mixed results.  I was able to knock 8 seconds off my previous best for the track.  I also discovered just how hard I could push the bike before it decided to wash out on me at turn 5.  My first lowside was over before I realized what happened and all I was thinking as I rolled after my bike was "Seriously?"  I rolled into a kneeling position and then I stood up and took stock of my extremities and then finding nothing broken walked off the track to the bike and the safety worker standing next to it.

 I'm fine.  I need new gloves and I need to replace some cosmetic stuff on the bike but altogether it wasn't really that bad.  I rode the bike off the track and drove home relatively unscathed with an important lesson in my back pocket and a good time for my second venture on the Fontana Speedway.

I've attached some pics of my gear.  It's really interesting to me seeing the aftermath of safety gear that's done its job.  I have to say that it protected my spectacularly and that you get what you pay for; check out the rash on the armored parts of the gloves.  There are two small tears on the suit but it's mostly cosmetic.  The suit is proper broken in now though and looks the business.  I'm looking forward to getting back out there after I get everything fixed and hopefully I remember to separate the acts of turning and braking into two very clearly different actions.  Lesson learned, class dismissed.

I tried out my buddies tire warmers, I think they instilled a little too much confidence. 

That top left one still stings a little.  That was my hip.  I'll be wearing padded shorts next time out.

These gloves were great, I'll be getting another pair


  1. Glad that suit held up man. The first shot of your bike in the garage is sick!

  2. Just keep on the low side man! Glad to see you're having fun pushing it. Get a GoPro!