Monday, October 17, 2011

Potential, eh!

I spent my Friday evening playing ice hockey in Ontario, Canada and it was just plain awesome. When I told them I learned how to hockey stop by watching Youtube videos, you would have thought Dane Cook walked into a room full of college freshman who had never heard a crude joke before. They couldn't get enough of my "unfortunate" American upbringing and they gave me some tips, lent me a decent stick that weighed half the weight of my stick, and even gave me a Labatt's to slam down before I stepped on the ice. It was probably the best 60 minutes of hockey I've ever played, eh!

Saturday, as I left to go back to the motherland, I stopped to get poutine, a Canadian delicacy of fries slathered in gravy and melting cheese curds. It was effing scrumpsculescent I would later find out, but they were closed until 2. With an hour and a half to burn, I stopped in a pretty amazing sneaker shop that was way bigger than the two decent shops in Royal Oak/Birmingham and then I drove around Riverside Ave. in Windsor. Obviously, it's beSIDE the RIVER and is comparable to Lakeshore Dr in St.Clair Shores. I went south for about 20 minutes and found this bad ass old Garage. I said to myself, "that place is awesome, the doors would make awesome backdrops for portraits, I should probably take a picture," and so unlike most of the times when I make an excuse and keep driving. I stopped and captured this little snapshot. The more I look at it the more I want this building!!!! It would make such an awesome little custom motorcycle shop, art gallery, comfort food restaurant, brewery, or just a B.A. photo studio. Or all of the above!!! I thought you guys might get a kick out of it and maybe dream up your own use for it. I'm glad I went back and took the shot.


  1. That is so awesome. It's all i want
    Just a shitty, run down, shop dripping with history, character, and asbestos.

  2. I want to go to there. Ugh, that would be so nice! There could be a computer workspace in the back, you could fill the shop with power tools off of the ebay, and then have a face in the front. Baller.