Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I decided to disregard practicality (as I do) and go the "Stolen Mining Equipment" route for my apocalyptic sketch. Gigantic dump truck converted to independent thievery/pillaging operation?
I think so, Yes.
This puppy's got six ATVs and dirt bikes ready to be launched from above the main fuel tanks. Its got a fully covered and armored obvservation/attack deck on top of the bucket shield. A 50 ton crane welded to the bucket snatches up anything it can wrangle its hooks around, and relocates equipment within APOCALYPTRUCK's bucket. A 10 ton chain hoist has also been mounted to the extended front deck for smaller items such as consumables. Bunks and mess have been built into the front of the bucket and are accessible from the driver control room door through a hole cut in the bucket wall. A multitude of halogen and other found HID lighting illuminates the rig's surrounding area (pictured) when stealth is not desirable. Tire chains remain installed from APOCALYPTRUCK's mining days, although the front access ladders have been removed in favor of side "drawbridge" style lift-able ladders. APOCALYPTRUCK and it's crew roam the globe collecting items of interest and foxy ladies (which while interesting, are not items: I know...). The crew recently acquired a small nuclear reactor and will be attempting its integration with the vehicle.

Fun Stuff, Pat, Thanks!

P.S. art stuff: RSVP fine point black on 8.5 x11 printer paper. Colored in PS.


  1. This is awesome!!!, I was struggling to understand the scale and then saw those atv's in the belly. Good God!!! I want this.

  2. Thank y' kindly. Here's APOCALYPTRUCK's little cousin, APYROLYPSE:

  3. That link is terrifying. Real or staged?

  4. No idea. I hear coal is somewhat flammable, though.