Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CHRIS PISCITELLI, you know him?

I just came across this guy after seeing some of his sketches on SIMKOM and his style is bananas!  He apparently went to CCS and I remember his car; it was that crazy "samurai" stlye coupe.  He's one of those rare designers that can get away with just a line drawing and have people still go crazy because it's so well done.  Lately I've wanted to loosen up my style and while I think this guy does do some looser things, he does a great job of doing tight-ish renderings with a good amount of playful looseness thrown in for good measure. Something to appreciate.

I spent a really long time combing through his blog these images are all my favorites


  1. I don't remember the name. His site doesn't say what year he graduated. These sketches are nuts. I enjoy seeing how loose he is in the sketchbook drawings. Speaking of, if you get a chance, check out Copics Multiliner SP pen. These things are awesome. The pen body is a little thicker then a micron pen, and you can get refills.

  2. Wow, awesome style and composition. I really need to sketch more. My sketchbook has just been filled with random thoughts and book notes lately. Page 10 up there did it for me. "Wow cool car sketches...great composition and line weight...what's this sketch on the right...AHHH fuccckkk. AWESOME."

  3. Chris was at Autorama selling prints this winter. His work is amazing but I can't say I recognized him. Half of the people I know bought that blueprint style Mercury piece though!