Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Have Succeeded...

It took a lot of word trickery and implied rationalization, but I finally convinced Kara that she wants a motorcycle. Minutes after i got the 100% decision from her, I jumped on Craigslist, looking for light weight, low cc bikes. I should mention, I also convinced her to let me build it for her over the winter months - where I would supply my handy work while she covered costs. Awesome, I know. About 4.5 hours after the official OK, we were 30 miles north of Chicago, signing over the title to her new 1981 Yamaha SR250.

It's a 297 lb 20hp single cylinder.
Top speed is about 75/80mph.

It runs great. Everything is super clean and well taken care of. It needs nothing from what I can tell so far. The guy only wanted $650 so we jumped all over it. The next step is brainstorming the build. We've got some ideas floating around that I'll be sketching up. I'll post up progress when I've got some.

Here is where I will be drawing much of my inspiration...


  1. I'm loving the whole idea. Can I make a humble suggestion? I love the Grievous Angel but I'd pass on the clip-ons and go for a set of upright scrambler/flat track bars. I had clip-ons on my bike and switching to upright bars was one of the best things I've ever done. They're better for low speed inner city stuff, easier to make changes in a turn, and they're way more comfortable over distance. Wrench Monkees and Dues both do a lot of really good upright bikes that have bodies similar to the Angel

  2. Spot on. I think we'll be doing more of a tracker style bike for her. Something that's more comfortable on trips. I'll be the first to admit that my wrists start hurting when we're riding 2-up with my drop bars.