Thursday, September 22, 2011


Thorstan Durbahn
bike builder, inventor, engineer, all around cool guy

I found this guy again after forgetting all about him a few years ago.  I just found the entire article scanned in online that I have at home stashed away somewhere.  This guy makes the most functional motorcycles on the planet.  He'll do whatever it takes to lose a gram here, a gram there, redesign the entire intake system and then build it out of carbon fiber to save weight.  He's amazing and it's a great read, it's a huge inspiration what this guy tackles in his small shop and the way he treats these amazing bikes borders on hilarious.  Many of the process pics have a 30K bike covered in foam dust and notes he writes directly on the bike's frame; also usually a bunch of burger wrappers because he eats off of them while he works.

He designed this side mount fuel tank to keep weight low on the bike

He also fabricated that under mount exhaust himself.  Out of titanium.

 Here's his site, its a little hard to navigate but
there are some real cool builds.


  1. That guy looks like a mix of Tim in 20 years, and Bill Murray.

  2. Ha! Yeah, I thought that too.

  3. I skimmed a bit but looks very interesting. I'll have to read it later.

    I'm in the process of setting up my new garage and getting it all ready for some motorcycle builds. Also taking welding classes currently. This is the kind of inspiration i need.

  4. Where are you taking fabrication classes? I'd be real interested in something like that. I was just accepted at a small entertainment design school for a night class. Advanced mech design. We'll see how it goes, I'm as interested in the fantasy side as I am in the nuts and bolts. I just finished rebuilding my front brake calipers and now the bike stops like a champ.

  5. I'm taking them through a local college, but the classes themselves are actually at a VERY well outfitted High School. This shop puts CCS's to shame. 15 3hr classes for $175!

    I owe you a chip still. I've been moving everything into the new garage so I'll try to remember to grab that ECU next time I'm there.