Friday, June 1, 2012

Retirement Plan

Although I've never swam or flown (details...), I want one of these. 
If it looks old, you're seeing properly- the rights (including the all-important FAA certification) for the plane's airframe were kicked back into production by Antilles Seaplanes with updates to the design and those sweet Turboprop engines instead of the old Radials.  According to my calculations, every weekend would look like this:
A cabin in Colorado with a little airstrip, and an aluminum portal to anywhere on the globe.


  1. Here it is:

    The "portal" is a missile silo, but same difference. Strap on.

    1. Very cool. I didn't know they had missile launch points in Upstate NY. By "Aluminum portal" I was referring to the plane, not some Stargate contraption btw.